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@ St. Michael’s

Enjoy your free 15 minute seated Massage


Tuesday, April 24    9am-3pm

2 Queen St East – 8th floor, Room 800B

Wednesday, April 25    7am-6pm

30 Bond St  – Bond Wing, 1st Floor, Room 1040

Thursday, April 26    11am-3pm

30 Bond St  – Bond Wing, 1st Floor, Room 1040


As a special thank you for all your great work, St Michael’s Hospital invites you to take time out of your day to unwind with a complimentary chair massage. Enjoy – you deserve it!

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In-chair Massage – What you can expect

The massage is given in a specially-designed chair which offers ultimate comfort. The session will focus on back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands, and will be provided through clothing. If you would like extra care and attention paid to a certain area, please let your practitioner know. .