May Massage Days

 Sinai Health – MSH & HBH sites

Enjoy a 15 minute Seated Massage

The Take Care initiative is donor funded through the

Sinai Health Urgent Response Fund and made possible by

the generous donors who support this initiative.

Schedule your massage online.  Login NOT required. Or call Onsite Health 416-410-8784

In-chair Massage – What you can expect

The massage is provided in a specially designed chair, offering ultimate comfort. The techniques are applied through clothing and can focus on tension areas in your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

For your Health & Safety

MASKS – Please have your mask on prior to entry into massage space. Both massage practitioner and recipient are required to wear masks during the massage session.

PPE – Masks are the only required PPE. Please remove all other PPE prior to entry into massage space.

SANITATION OF SURFACES – All surfaces in contact by practitioner/recipient, including massage chair, will be double disinfected before and after each massage.

HAND SANITATION – Both massage practitioner and recipient will sanitize hands before and after massage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Onsite Health at

Liability Disclaimer

This is a voluntary service being offered to staff. The chair massage session is provided by a Certified and Insured Massage Practitioner. Sinai Health is not responsible or liable for any injury or adverse reaction resulting for the massage session or any of its equipment.