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Tuesday, & Wednesday






TWH Employee Wellness Centre

TWH – Fell Pavillion                Room 4A-124



Alternate Thursdays  


PMH Employee Wellness Centre

620 University Avenue – 7th Floor – Room # 901




10am – 4pm 



Massage Therapy for Staff @ UHN


Onsite Therapeutic Massage services for staff are temporarily on hold due to health and safety precautions around COVID-19.

Notifications will be sent once services are able to resume.



    We require notice PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT, otherwise a full charge applies.

    To cancel your appointments, you can cancel online or  call 416-410-8784.


    About our Massage Therapists

     Clarissa Cheng Clarissa has over 17 years’ experience in helping people on their path to optimum health. Clarissa offers customized treatments to every client – from light lymphatic drainage to deep tissue massage. Health and wellbeing during pregnancy is a particular passion for training in NISA and pre- and perinatal massage.

    Angela Peres Angela’s massage style has been described as deeply relaxing and effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions that are exacerbated by stress.  Her pressure range is light to moderate/deep. With over 10 years’ experience as an RMT, Angela has been practicing massage therapy at UHN since its beginnings in 2009.

    Megan Tsai  Megan’s massage therapy style offers a flexible range of pressure and focus but specializes in deep tissue treatment oriented massage. To her repertoire of modalities, she includes reflexology and myofascial release work.

    Nadeen Rashed Nadeen is a caring, highly energetic and experienced therapist. She has a strong intention to work with pain management and focus on treatments to improve functionality. To her repertoire of modalities, she includes deep tissue, myofascial release work, pre-natal massage and reflexology.

    Ronald Boado Ronald is caring and dedicated RMT, in practice since 2003. His style combines deep tissue massage with Shiatsu, as well as Cupping Therapy where requested and applicable. Ronald also has extensive experience with Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology and Thai Massage.

    Monica Lim Monica is committed to helping others to feel physically and emotionally renewed. Monica’s treatments are designed around the particular needs of each individual and typically blend relaxing Swedish massage and therapeutic/deep tissue massage and myofascial release. Where clients are experiencing high levels of chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression, Monica also offers guided mindfulness meditation during the treatment.

    Marianne V. Marianne is an experienced RMT, in practice since 2001. Over the years she has specialized in helping many people find relief from head, neck, shoulder tension and TMJ related discomfort. Combining Swedish/deep tissue massage with other modalities such as trigger point therapy, acupressure, stretching, cupping and hydrotherapy to improve overall health, well being and posture.

     Carly Holland Carly believes that massage therapy enhances the restoration of normal body function and helps to create a natural harmony throughout the body. Her focal area is rehabilitation work, specializing in a deep tissue approach. Carly has experience with pre and post natal massage and has additional training in Indian Head Massage, Cupping and Therapeutic Ultrasound. She is currently enrolled in an Acupuncture program working towards a Registered Acupuncture Licence (June 2020).

    Table Massage – What you can expect

    You will have the privacy of the treatment room to get changed. You are covered with linens at all times. Only the area being treated is exposed. Massage lotion is used to apply techniques to skin.